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How Ricciardo and Norris have aided McLaren progress

How Ricciardo and Norris have aided McLaren progress

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How Ricciardo and Norris have aided McLaren progress

How Ricciardo and Norris have aided McLaren progress

Lando Norris has provided an insight into how he and Daniel Ricciardo have helped McLaren already make progress despite their short time together as team-mates.

The pairing impressed at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix to support optimism garnered at the pre-season test at the same venue by finishing fourth and seventh, with the Briton ahead of his new partner.

Norris had mentioned during the winter he would be able to help Ricciardo learn at McLaren - despite the wealth of Formula 1 experience the Australian possesses - but has explained how they have fed from each other to get to grips with the MCL35M.

"There have been a lot of things I've been able to add on to his conversation when we've been in the debriefs and so on," said Norris.

"A lot of the feelings he has with the car are very different to [last year's] Renault, some good, some bad.

"I've been able to add to that and say 'Yeah, that's what we had last year, a bit of the characteristics we had, an area we have to work on', rather than him just thinking it's a difference. I'm able to say if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

"It's gone both ways. [At testing], the majority of it was him listening on my radio, listening to my comments, and him learning from me and my comments about the car.

"So then now, when he gets in, he has a better knowledge of what's going to happen, what's useful, what are the general characteristics of the car."

McLaren revealed Ricciardo's debut pace was masked by damage sustained in an early collision with Pierre Gasly, with the Australian acknowledging he was not yet at 100 per cent of his capability with the car.

Norris suggested that the running time gathered by Ricciardo between testing and the first race of the season has allowed for more insightful contributions from the seven-time grand prix winner.

"Because he feels more comfortable and is able to give more feedback and can steer it in a better direction, [he has been] chipping in with some of his experience and knowledge he has [from] over the last few years," he added.

"It's been both. They're both coming together. There's also a bit of him getting used to the car and getting used to the differences between Renault and McLaren."


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