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2020 Formula 1 Season Quiz

2020 Formula 1 Season Quiz

F1 News

2020 Formula 1 Season Quiz

2020 Formula 1 Season Quiz

F1 had some incredible stories this past season, with debut race winners, record breakers and dramatic crashes, but how much do you remember?

Try out our 20-question quiz to see if you're a podium finisher [16 or more correct answers], a midfield runner [10-15] or a backmarker fighting for scraps.

Answers at the bottom [and no peaking!].

1. Who won the first race of the season?

1. Lewis Hamilton 2. Valtteri Bottas 3. Max Verstappen

2. What was unusual about Lewis Hamilton’s British Grand Prix win?

1. He finished the race on three wheels 2. He crossed the finish line in the pits 3. He had five pit stops during the race

3. Who said over the team radio: “Oh my God! What did we just do?!”

1. Max Verstappen after taking pole in the last race 2. Pierre Gasly after winning in Italy 3. Charles Leclerc after creating a three-car crash in Sakhir

4. Which driver won the ‘VirtualGP’ F1 championship in the Covid-19 break?

1. Charles Leclerc 2. Lando Norris 3. George Russell

5. How many laps were completed in the entire season?

1. 984 2. 1037 3. 1121

6. How did Alex Albon describe Lewis Hamilton when the pair collided in Austria?

1. A sore loser 2. An idiot 3. A danger

7. What 2020 winning driver’s name is “Zeroes Gripe" an anagram of?

No multiple choice help on this one...!

8. Who completed the fewest racing laps of all?

1. Max Verstappen 2. Lance Stroll 3. Carlos Sainz

9. When was the last time Ferrari posted a lower championship finish than they did this year?

1. 1995 2. 2006 3. 1980

10. Who said: “This is the only chance of being close to the Mercedes, I’m not just sitting behind like a grandma.”

1. Daniel Ricciardo 2. Max Verstappen 3. Lance Stroll

11. What was the fastest pit stop of the season?

1. 1.86s 2. 1.91s 3. 1.96s

12. How many races on the originally planned 22-race calendar were still run on the shortened 17-race schedule?

1. 7 2. 9 3. 11

13. When Sergio Perez won for Racing Point in Sakhir, how many races had he gone without a victory?

1. 189 2. 198 3. 194

14. What did George Russell wear on his helmet at the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi?

1. A Mercedes logo 2. Drawings of Williams’ title-winning cars 3. A tribute to his family

15. How many different drivers started from pole?

1. 3 2. 4 3. 5

16. How many races after being dropped by Red Bull did Pierre Gasly win for sister team AlphaTauri?

1. 13 2. 15 3. 17

17. Who said: “This cuts much better grass than my lawnmower at home”

1. Valtteri Bottas 2. Max Verstappen 3. Daniel Ricciardo

18. Hamilton has now won 95 races, but what is his percentage win rate [rounded to the nearest whole number]?

1. 29% 2. 36% 3. 42%

19. What part of the Mercedes F1 car was Racing Point penalised for copying?

1. The brake ducts 2. The air intake 3. The front wing

20. Which driver celebrated his 21st birthday driving in F1 this year?

1. Lance Stroll 2. Lando Norris 3. George Russell



1. Bottas [2] It was a good start for the Finn, who turned pole into victory while Hamilton only managed fourth after being given a three-place grid penalty.

2. He finished the race on three wheels [1] This ‘slow burner’ race had a dramatic finish as a tyre de-lamination on Hamilton’s Mercedes almost allowed Verstappen to chase him down for the win.

3. Gasly after winning in Italy [2] The French driver had to seek confirmation after he held off Carlos Sainz to take his maiden grand prix victory for AlphaTauri.

4. Russell [3] With the playing field levelled in this console competition, the rising star of F1 took the unofficial Esports title with a campaign that included four straight wins.

5. 1037 [2] In March it was hard to imagine F1 would turn a single lap in anger but by the end of December it had completed 17 races and just 225 laps less than 2019.

6. A sore loser [1] Albon had looked set to secure his first podium in Austria before the collision, which Hamilton later described as a “really unfortunate situation”.

7. Sergio Perez An ironic anagram, given that the Mexican driver had no issues in giving his all for Racing Point despite knowing mid-season he would be dropped for 2021.

8. Verstappen [1] The Dutch driver retired from five races, including two first-lap collisions, yet he still managed to collect enough points to finish third in the championship.

9. 1980 [3] This year and 1980 were the only two years since the constructors’ championship began in 1958 that Ferrari has finished outside the top six.

10. Verstappen [2] The Dutch driver gave this response when he was asked to pull back to conserve tyres in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

11. 1.86s [1] Red Bull was wired when it came to stops, setting 15 of the 17 fastest times. The fastest came in Russia with Verstappen and was repeated in Portugal with Albon.

12. 9 races [2] Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi were all originally scheduled and took place on later dates.

13. 189 [1] Victory was a long time coming for Perez, who had waited longer than any other winning driver by the time he took the chequered flag in Sakhir.

14. Pictures of Williams’ title-winning cars [2] Russell paid tribute to the legacy of the team’s founders after the Williams family sold up to Dorilton Capital during the season.

15. 4 [2] Mercedes pair Bottas and Hamilton started up front in 15 of the 17 races, but Stroll took pole in the rain in Turkey and Verstappen snatched it in Abu Dhabi.

16. 17 [3] Gasly fought back from the disappointment of a demotion in 2019 to rub Red Bull’s nose in it less than a season of races.

17. Bottas [1] The Finn did a bit of grass cutting during qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix but recovered to be told he had already taken pole.

18. 36% [2] The Mercedes driver’s record victory haul has taken fewer races than the man he beat, Michael Schumacher.

19. The brake ducts [1] The ‘Pink Mercedes’ was constantly criticised for copying the title-winning machine from 2019, but was only penalised for copying this part.

20. Norris [2] The British driver is the youngest on the grid, and was still wearing nappies when the oldest driver, Kimi Raikkonen, made his F1 debut.

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