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2020 showed the "two extremes" of F1 politics

2020 showed the "two extremes" of F1 politics

F1 News

2020 showed the "two extremes" of F1 politics

2020 showed the "two extremes" of F1 politics

Renault team principal Cyril Abiteboul has claimed the 2020 season showed the "two extremes" of politics in Formula 1, with moments of compromise and controversy in equal measure across the year.

The F1 paddock can be an extremely volatile environment, with each team pursuing its own agenda and with its own views on where the sport should head in the future.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, however, teams put aside their differences and united in the development of ventilators and other technological innovations to fight the virus as well as helping F1 and the FIA remarkably deliver a 17-race calendar.

There was also the signing of a new Concorde Agreement which includes a budget cap for the first time in the sport's history.

In contrast, there was animosity and discord when seven teams 'ganged up' on Racing Point over the brake-duct saga. As Abiteboul commented: "I think we have seen the two extremes."

He added: "I think what we have been able to demonstrate is that when things became extremely serious, for the world, for the economy, for the sport, for the health and safety of our personnel, the community, the camaraderie and spirit is here. There is no question about that.

"There is something that pulls us together, the greater good of the sport and sometimes also of the world, as per the initiative we mentioned, it’s there."

But with regard to the protests and the occasional wars of words between the teams, he said: "Let’s not be under any illusion, we are all fierce competitors.

"If we are in this position, there is no coincidence; it’s simply because we want to win.

"Maybe our aspirations are different, our brands are different but we are all extremely loyal to our brands, our teams and to our desire to win, which means to beat the guy who is next to us.

"It’s as simple as that and I don’t think we should expect much more than that."

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