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Wolff wary of potential backlash over two-day weekends

Wolff wary of potential backlash over two-day weekends

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Wolff wary of potential backlash over two-day weekends

Wolff wary of potential backlash over two-day weekends

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff is ready to vote in favour of Formula 1 introducing permanent two-day weekends but is aware of a potential backlash from race promoters and fans.

F1 was given a flavour of a two-day weekend with the recent Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring where both Friday practice sessions were fogged off, leading to a single 60-minute practice outing on Saturday morning before qualifying.

The outcome led to an element of the unknown going into Sunday's race as none of the teams had explored the long-run pace on the medium and the hard tyres, with the latter totally unused.

With another two-day weekend looming with the Emilia Romagna GP at Imola, albeit with a single 90-minute practice session on Saturday morning, F1 is being provided with ample opportunity to see if the format is viable for the future, as it has previously discussed.

Wolff is certainly in favour as he said: "Personally, I like it a lot. The less testing you have, the less data collection, the more you will create variability.

"It's not the strongest that wins but the most adaptable, the most innovative team, the driver that is able to learn the track and the tyres as quick as possible. If that was a proposal they have my vote."

But while drivers and teams are in favour of a change, for those circuits that depend on the income derived from Friday running, such as Silverstone where 60-70,000 fans can be in attendance, Wolff recognises there would be a backlash.

"Obviously, it's a question that needs to be asked of the promoters because they are selling tickets on a Friday," added Wolff.

"Many people are not able to afford the weekend tickets, and they can still see the Formula 1 cars on Friday, and that is something that needs to be considered when developing that idea.

"But from a sporting point of view, I find it good."

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