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Time may have healed Red Bull-Renault relationship - Ricciardo

Time may have healed Red Bull-Renault relationship - Ricciardo

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Time may have healed Red Bull-Renault relationship - Ricciardo

Time may have healed Red Bull-Renault relationship - Ricciardo
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

Daniel Ricciardo can see no reason why Renault and Red Bull would be unable to again work together as he believes that "time heals a lot of things".

Following the shock announcement Red Bull power unit supplier Honda is to exit F1 at the end of next season, there is a high probability the team may be forced to again turn to Renault from 2022 onwards.

Ricciardo was with Red Bull in the final years of its partnership with Renault and saw at first hand the acrimonious divorce that unfolded in 2018.

The Australian, however, feels enough water may have flowed under the bridge that a reunion is not beyond the realms of possibility.

"I think they could," said Ricciardo, when asked if Red Bull and Renault could reunite. "Obviously, it’s not really up to me to decide how that goes but I do think they could.

"I think as well there are all the emotions and then there’s a business and there’s time, and obviously time heals a lot of things.

“Whether things weren’t seen eye to eye a few years ago or whatever it was, I don’t think that will necessarily remain forever, so if that’s what ends up happening in the future, I think they can get back on good working terms.

“I never experienced anything that was irreparable so I’m not concerned if that is what they will do. I think they will get on with it.”

When departing Red Bull for Renault at the end of 2018, Ricciardo voiced concerns about the viability of the partnership with Honda as a long-term option.

With his fears now realised, the Australian added: "I’m not jumping around saying I was right. It’s nothing like that.

“Obviously, as far as Red Bull and my relationship with them and a lot of personnel within the team, I kept that strong throughout and even through my decision I kept these relationships.

“I never wanted them to struggle or to suffer, so to speak. I think now they’ve got a decision to make with what happens next.

"But I don’t really look at it with a personal light of me winning or losing, it’s just the nature of the sport and with these things, there is always a chance.

“The sport is always changing so much so there is a chance that stuff like this happens. I do obviously hope they find a solution, a good one, and they stay afloat and keep becoming a rival for the rest of us.”

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