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Ferrari strategy an "open discussion" not an instruction - Binotto

Ferrari strategy an "open discussion" not an instruction - Binotto

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Ferrari strategy an "open discussion" not an instruction - Binotto

Ferrari strategy an "open discussion" not an instruction - Binotto

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has said strategy decisions are a "team decision" and need to be discussed with the drivers during the race.

However it is communicated, Formula 1 teams plan numerous strategies ahead of the race for every scenario imaginable.

On the pit wall, although unable to feel the car condition or the grip of the tyres, strategists have all the information and, in 99 per cent of cases, a strategy call from the team is an instruction and not a consultation request.

Binotto, however, wants "open discussions" on the strategy options between the driver and the pit wall.

In Belgium, these conversations were broadcast with drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel appearing to be growing frustrated at a lack of direction from the gantry.

Binotto said: "It's not the first time this year, and it will not be the last time as well. I think an open discussion with the drivers, from the pit to the drivers, is important.

"It's what we are intending - open discussions, [to] communicate, so we are taking joint decisions. If I look as well at the last races, we took the right decisions, whether to stay out, a one-stop race, or whatever.

"So I'm very keen that we are discussing with them, and I'm very keen that they are helping eventually with the decisions because it's a team decision and not a single decision."

Ferrari is far from the only team to apply this principle with Lewis Hamilton often questioning the strategy decisions of Mercedes and making changes to tyre compounds or stint lengths.

If worked correctly, a decision process that involves the driver can make or break a race at the front, but in the midfield, much of the strategy is dictated by what those around you are doing.

Admitting he was "not being polite" on the radio during a second unscheduled stop, Leclerc said: "The only thing is I wanted clarification because at that moment in the race I needed to know whether it was plan A, plan B or plan C because these were different plans.

"But the team was looking at it and one lap later I had the answer as to which plan we would use, so on my side, no problems on that."

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