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F1 cannot become "complacent" as Covid-19 is "everywhere" - Masi

F1 cannot become "complacent" as Covid-19 is "everywhere" - Masi

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F1 cannot become "complacent" as Covid-19 is "everywhere" - Masi

F1 cannot become "complacent" as Covid-19 is "everywhere" - Masi

Formula 1 race director Michael Masi says the sport must not begin to think it's "invincible" after successfully staging the opening triple-header of the season.

Over 15,000 Covid-19 tests have been taken across the opening three weekends of the season, with only two returning positive results.

While obviously pleased with how the social distancing and Covid-secure protocols have been working, Masi warns that now is not the time to become complacent.

Masi said: “There’s certainly a level of confidence. I think one part which is not to be complacent, is probably the big part, and the fact that we have got through three events with only the two cases, but effectively outside of the paddock.

"One thing that we all need to be conscious of is that Covid-19 is very much around us and everywhere globally.

“We can’t just drop the ball, getting to Silverstone and thinking we’re invincible. My biggest fear is people becoming complacent, and we just need to stick with the process we’ve developed."

F1 was the first global sport to return to action, and as such, freely admits: "It has been a learning experience for all of us.

"There’s been minor tweaks along the way, but overall, as a process and a structure, I think we’re about there, so I’m proud of what we’ve done.”

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