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W Series in talks with F1 over 2020 and '21 plans

W Series in talks with F1 over 2020 and '21 plans

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W Series in talks with F1 over 2020 and '21 plans

W Series in talks with F1 over 2020 and '21 plans

W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir has confirmed she is in discussions with Formula 1 regarding numerous options for racing both this year and in 2021.

Following a successful debut season last year, in which the all-female formula served on the undercard of six DTM races, the series secured a coup for this year when it announced it would be part of the United States and Mexican Grands Prix weekends.

But with F1's calendar in limbo, that has also naturally thrown the W Series events into doubt as it looks to showcase its racing to a far greater audience, although Bond Muir is hopeful it can react to whatever transpires.

"Yes, I think we do have flexibility, but I don't know how big our flex is," said Bond Muir. "We're looking at constant changes in the calendar.

"Even from F1's point of view, there were announcements recently there maybe 15 to 18 races on one hand, and then last week Chase Carey said there may not be any races.

"For very obvious reasons, the world of motorsport is truly up in the air. I think if people can go racing, they will, but if it's not safe, then we shouldn't.

"We have to have races that make sense. We can't race in Europe and then race in the United States two weeks later. We don't have the money or finances to go and rent a 747 unfortunately.

"So in terms of what is possible, to go to North America, there needs to be a time lag between European races and travelling out there."

There is the prospect of the W Series figuring on the undercard of more F1 races next season, in particular, with the future of DTM up in the air following the recent announcement of Audi that it is withdrawing at the end of this year.

"We would be delighted to continue our relationship with Formula 1, and I don't think that has an impact on whatever happens with DTM," added Bond Muir.

"But it takes two sides to create an agreement, and that is obviously a conversation that hopefully will take place."

Notably, Bond Muir can only see the upside in working with F1.

"The pros are very obvious in that it is the world's largest motor-racing platform, a global platform, so if we were to have more races with them then we could spread the word and promote W Series around the world," assessed Bond Muir.

"The cons...I can't really see any cons for continuing the relationship with Formula 1. I suppose they could turn around and ask for something unreasonable as far as money is concerned.

"But to date, I've only found the people at Formula 1 to be co-operative, sensitive, collaborative and helpful.

"I don't know where we are going to race next year but I am confident we will be able to put deals in place to have a varied and exciting calendar for next year."

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