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Hamilton: "Mental strain...can be intense"

Hamilton: "Mental strain...can be intense"

F1 News

Hamilton: "Mental strain...can be intense"

Hamilton: "Mental strain...can be intense"

Lewis Hamilton has set his sights on making personal improvements while waiting for Formula 1 and the world to return to normal.

Even championship-winning F1 drivers are unable to escape the global lockdown, and Hamilton has utilised his social media accounts to send 'positivity' to his fans.

"Through this tough time, I hope and pray you are all safe at home with your families or somewhere you feel safe," wrote Hamilton on his Instagram account. "I am taking this time to work on myself, physically but emotionally too.

"The mental strain that this can bare on us all can be intense but just know you are not alone. We are all in this together.

"We should all take time to enjoy what we have and the people in our lives.

"I know I’m not on here a lot but I think of you all out there in the world and want you to know I am grateful for your support and love always. I’m sending you positivity from afar

Following the cancellation or postponement of the first eight races of this season, the first scheduled grand prix is in Canada on June 14.

Although the Canadian authorities may be happy for their race to take place, it is widely anticipated that with travel restrictions in force, the event will also fall by the wayside.


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