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Racing Point's Sponsor BWT committed to track and environment

Racing Point's Sponsor BWT committed to track and environment

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Racing Point's Sponsor BWT committed to track and environment

Racing Point's Sponsor BWT committed to track and environment

Racing Point has revealed today that it has extended its long-time partnership with BWT, this comes after just releasing their new 2020 F1 Car the RP20.

Racing Point lift the covers off the RP20Racing Point reveal their car for the 2020 season.Read more

The CEO of BWT Andreas Weißenbacher is fully devoted of their support with Racing Point; “ We are committed to helping this team achieve its objectives and this is why we have chosen to increase our support by becoming its title partner.”

This association with each other has become noticeable, since the very beginning when BWT brought in their iconic pink colour car. As Weißenbacher explained; “Over the past three years we have brought our distinctive pink colour into Formula 1 and built a very strong relationship with Racing Point.”

This is a notable project between these partners, given the criticism lately of F1 and its impact with the environment. BWT has pledged itself to see “the reduction of plastics through the adoption of reusable vessels and recyclable filters to reduce waste and pollution in the modern world.” Racing Point are one of the very few teams to have a partnership with an organisation committed to tackling the environment and the climate change problems.

But that does not mean they won’t want performances from the team as Weißenbacher stated; “Working together in this way we believe the team can be much more competitive on the track in 2020. We will also support the team’s push to become more sustainable.”

BWT will hope Racing Point can perform this season

BWT’s innovative technology and outstanding know-how has had an incredibly positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions compared to single-use plastic bottled water.

This looks to be a good direction for F1 in that a team is embracing an association that is committed to fighting a big cuase in modern society. Perhaps this is something the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari need to consider.

Do Ferrari and Mercedes need to consider a a more environmental friendly sponsorship approach?

Whilst the regulation and rules have massively changed the sport, to teams using smaller engines, no fuel refills etc, Racing Point look to be one step ahead of the rest of the grid in being devoted to such a cuase.

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