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Schumacher: Father's Ferrari seat was perfect fit

Schumacher: Father's Ferrari seat was perfect fit

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Schumacher: Father's Ferrari seat was perfect fit

Schumacher: Father's Ferrari seat was perfect fit

Mick Schumacher's demo run in his father's title-winning Ferrari F2004 at the German Grand Prix had an element of fate on its side, with Schumacher Jnr able to fit into the seat that Michael once occupied.

The Hockenheimring's organisers were desperate to have the 20-year-old on-track during the race weekend in an attempt to boost crowd numbers.

After a last-ditch attempt to add a Formula 2 round fell through, a show run in the dominant F2004 – victorious in 13 of the 18 races in 2004 – was organised.

Schumacher Jnr said the wait to hit the track was agonising, but well worth it in the end.

"I just wanted to go out and I just wanted to drive," said Schumacher. "Obviously having to wait, even in front of the pit exit, was more like torture. I just wanted to turn [the lights] myself and go out.

"Going out of the pitlane and coming into the pitlane I never lost a smile. It was always on my face. Even when I was locking up, I was smiling! It was really cool.

GALLERY: Mick Schumacher driving father's Ferrari F2004 at HockenheimRead more

"It was great. It was amazing to be able to drive the car around here especially. It was my dad's seat and I fitted perfectly. So that even made it greater."

Schumacher Jnr had previously driven one of his father's title-winning Benetton cars from 1994, and tested current Ferrari machinery in Bahrain earlier this year, giving him plenty of perspective about the changes across three very different eras of F1.

"I've been able to witness how they were 10 years apart now, with the 1994 and the 2004, and obviously the 2019 one. In general I think the development between 1994 and 2004 was a huge step and then obviously now again there has been an even bigger step.

"To be able to drive the V10, and feel how that one behaved and sounded, was something very special.

"People asked me if I could hear them but I said that the V10 engine was a bit loud, so it was hard for me to hear them."


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