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Vergne confident he could now succeed in Formula 1

Vergne confident he could now succeed in Formula 1

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Vergne confident he could now succeed in Formula 1

Vergne confident he could now succeed in Formula 1

Jean-Eric Vergne believes he now has what it takes to succeed in Formula 1 after an abject period with Toro Rosso a few years ago, saying he has learned a lot whilst performing, and winning, in Formula E.

The Frenchman was previously a member of the Red Bull junior driver academy and competed in F1 with Toro Rosso between 2012 and 2014, but was dropped ahead of the 2015 season. He subsequently competed in FE where he has enjoyed huge success, winning the championship on two occasions.

After the disappointments of his previous tenure in F1, he reckons he could cut it now.

"I think I've erased my past," he told Autosport.

"In the way that I've always had the image of a fast driver but not a complete [one], which was true.

"Today, I think I'm a lot more complete - that probably makes me even faster because my mind is a lot clearer in what I need to do.

"I've achieved what I wanted to achieve thanks to Formula E.

"[Next], of course, I want more titles, more success - I want to write the history of the sport because it's a massively growing championship.

"But if I had the opportunity to go back into F1, I would strongly consider it because I think I have what it takes to now succeed in F1. But I would only go if it's a top team.”

Vergne’s desire to only move to a top team comes from a belief that if he was to go to a midfield team he would have to prove himself again, which he claims is okay for younger drivers, but not himself at 29-years-old.

"All the young drivers who are going into F1 with midfield teams is understandable - it's really good for them.” he continued.

"They have time to prove themselves and be picked by a top team. I don't have this time anymore.

"There are specific agendas in Formula 1 that I am aware of, so it's not something I think of.

"But I know that if the opportunity comes then I will strongly consider it because I think I now have the right tools to do well in F1, which I didn't [before]."


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