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Hamilton forgives Montreal crowd for booing him

Hamilton forgives Montreal crowd for booing him

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Hamilton forgives Montreal crowd for booing him

Hamilton forgives Montreal crowd for booing him

Lewis Hamilton admitted it felt "a bit odd" to be booed on the podium after the Canadian Grand Prix, but the world champion offered forgiveness to the Montreal crowd, espousing the venue as one of his favourites in Formula 1.

Hamilton came in for rough treatment after crossing the finish line second, but inheriting victory in Montreal as a result of Sebastian Vettel taking a time penalty ahead of him.

In pantomime post-race scenes, Vettel returned to Ferrari's motorhome rather than going to the podium celebrations, only to return and place the P2 bollard in front of Hamilton's car in parc ferme to raucous cheers.

The rowdy atmosphere continued when Vettel was on the rostrum, and the German had to intervene and tell the crowd not to jeer Hamilton as he spoke.

Hamilton himself said a bit of booing was nothing new to him in his career.

"It's just been a place that I've thoroughly loved driving," Hamilton said. "So, that's never going to change.

"I felt a little bit odd, being booed – but it's not like the first time I've been booed. I'm used to it – and I forgive."

Expanding on how he has matured over his career, Hamilton added: "I think what I've really learned is to enjoy… firstly not to take notice of what people think of you.

"Everyone is going to have an opinion and then just, as long as you like yourself, know you've got great people around you who do love you, like your family most importantly, then all you've got to do is just enjoy what you do and do the best you can, because our days are limited, as I always say.

"I try to make sure I can go to bed at night and know that I gave everything."


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