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Mercedes winning streak 'not normal', says Wolff

Mercedes winning streak 'not normal', says Wolff

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Mercedes winning streak 'not normal', says Wolff

Mercedes winning streak 'not normal', says Wolff

Toto Wolff is adamant that his Mercedes team are prepared to stave off complacency following their blistering start to the 2019 season, but added their hugely impressive run of results is 'not normal'.

Mercedes have won every single race so far this season and only Sebastian Vettel stopped them from recording seven straight one-two finishes in a campaign where they have been utterly dominant.

Ferrari have been left miles off the pace while Max Verstappen is doing everything possible to keep up, Red Bull have lacked the pace of previous years.

But speaking post-Monaco, Wolff was keen to stress that this form cannot be kept up across the whole season, even saying that the triumph in Monaco was lucky.

He said: "What you can see is that teams have stopped winning once they had the sense of entitlement, and once they believed it was completely normal.

"It is not normal. One and twos, even one and threes, are not normal for the highest competition in motor racing and that's why we are constantly expecting to hit bumps.

"That's why we take the one and three and just continue to push flat out for the next one."

Wolff added that the team will need assess their strategy ahead of Montreal in two weeks, because they were close to relinquishing victory in the principality.

He continued: "We were close to losing. I think that going back to normal racetracks we need to accept in terms of tyre life, we need to learn from Monaco and understand why that was. This situation in Montreal, you would lose the race.

"I think from a mindset, we must never be carried away.

"People are saying we're just flying at the moment and it's going to continue like this, but we were a bit lucky actually with that race."

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