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Verstappen makes HUGE Newey admission as F1 champion ponders Red Bull exit

Verstappen makes HUGE Newey admission as F1 champion ponders Red Bull exit

Verstappen makes HUGE Newey admission as F1 champion ponders Red Bull exit

Verstappen makes HUGE Newey admission as F1 champion ponders Red Bull exit

Max Verstappen has admitted his desire for Adrian Newey to stay at Red Bull but could the Dutchman be set to follow Newey out the door?

The landscape of F1 is set for a monumental shift. News broke earlier this week that Newey, the legendary designer who has been the mastermind behind Red Bull's rocket ship cars for nearly two decades, will be leaving the team in the first quarter of 2025.

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Newey's departure marks the end of an era at Red Bull - a team he helped propel to a staggering 13 championship titles (and counting).

While the official reason for Newey's exit remains undisclosed, reports suggest the recent controversy surrounding team boss Christian Horner - although ultimately cleared - played a significant role in his decision.

Speculation is now rife that Newey might be on the verge of joining forces with Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari. This would fulfil a long-held ambition for Newey, who has previously spoken of his desire to work with the seven-time world champion as well as the prestigious Italian marque.

Adrian Newey has been a part of the Red Bull team since 2006
Max Verstappen's contract with Red Bull expires at the end of 2028

Will Verstappen also leave Red Bull?

Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, reigning champion Verstappen, who has secured all his victories in Newey-designed cars, has spoken out about the F1 genius' departure.

The Dutchman acknowledged Newey's immense contribution to the team's success but also hinted at an evolution in his role within Red Bull, suggesting a strong technical team has been built around him.

"Adrian, from when he started at Red Bull, was incredibly important for the success that they had," Verstappen said.

Verstappen takes to the Miami track on Friday

"I think, over time, his role has changed a bit and I think a lot of people don't understand what he was actually doing. I don't say he was not doing anything, but his role has evolved. A lot of good people came into the team that have strengthened that whole department."

Despite his confidence in the team's technical capabilities, Verstappen admitted he would have preferred if Newey had stayed.

"Of course, I would have preferred him to stay, for sure, because you can always rely on his experience. And just as a person, he's a great guy to chat to and relate to. Because he's very bright, very smart, but he would also talk to the driver and interpret that into the car, in terms of he would try to imagine himself driving.

"But I also really trust that the technical that we have, outside of Adrian, is very, very strong and they have basically shown that the last few years with how competitive the car is."

However, Verstappen tried to downplay the drama surrounding Newey's departure.

"From the outside it looks very dramatic, but I think if you actually know what is happening inside the team, it's not as dramatic as it seems."

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Verstappen is targeting a fourth consecutive title with Red Bull

The three-time champion's comments suggest the Milton Keynes squad might still be a force to be reckoned with in the future, but Newey's departure undoubtedly marks a turning point, and it remains to be seen if the team can maintain their dominance without their design mastermind.

Furthermore, with a vacant seat at Mercedes and reports suggesting the team are preparing a whopping £128 million-a-year offer for the Dutchman, the plot thickens.

But while Verstappen hasn't ruled out a future move to a rival team, his focus remains firmly on driving a competitive car - which currently resides with Red Bull.

Of course, the Dutchman's potential switch to the Silver Arrows would be a huge gamble considering their struggles with the new regulations since 2022, but Red Bull's future success is no longer a given either.

That's why the upcoming period promises a huge shakeup in the F1 landscape, with both Red Bull and Mercedes facing significant changes and perhaps a new power dynamic emerging.

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