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Red Bull withdraw application for major new upgrade

Red Bull withdraw application for major new upgrade

F1 News

Red Bull withdraw application for major new upgrade

Red Bull withdraw application for major new upgrade

Red Bull have reportedly withdrawn their planning application for a new F1 wind tunnel, but only because they have identified a more suitable location for it.

There were concerns that this would cause significant delays to their development plans. However, the apparent reason for their withdrawal was simply to choose a better site. Red Bull had intended to build the facility near their technology campus in Milton Keynes, but have since found a more appropriate location.

According to Crash, Red Bull insiders have insisted that this decision does not impact costs and planning. The team aims to have the new facility operational in time for the development of their 2026 F1 car. Red Bull are currently expanding their Milton Keynes headquarters, including the construction of a new Red Bull Powertrains facility supported by Ford.

Red Bull's change of plan means the new wind tunnel would be of no use to their 2025 car
Christian Horner has described Red Bull's current wind tunnel as a 'relic of the Cold War'

It's 'not going to plan' for Red Bull

"Things are not going to plan for Red Bull's new wind tunnel in Milton Keynes,"F1 analyst Sam Collins said on X (formerly Twitter). "The team has withdrawn its planning application for the new facility. Which means there is no chance of construction starting soon.

"It also means that any new wind tunnel for the team would not be much use on the 2025 car, and would be a push to realistically have it in use for much meaningful development on the Ford-powered 2026 car. The team will continue with its 75-year-old tunnel at Twinwoods, UK for now."

Horner: Current wind tunnel is a relic

Last year, team principal Christian Horner likened Red Bull's current wind tunnel to a 'relic of the Cold War'.

“We operate out of a wind tunnel that is actually a listed building, it’s a relic of the Cold War,” he said. “It’s not a state-of-the-art wind tunnel that our competitors enjoy.

“It was built in the 1950s and it has its own limitations when it’s either too cold or too hot at getting the conditions and the operating temperature at that tunnel to the right temperature.”

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