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McLaren must make Ricciardo "feel at home" - Seidl

McLaren must make Ricciardo "feel at home" - Seidl



McLaren must make Ricciardo "feel at home" - Seidl

McLaren must make Ricciardo "feel at home" - Seidl

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl has stated the importance of making Daniel Ricciardo "feel at home" as he integrates into the team after joining from Renault.

Ricciardo will partner Lando Norris in his first year at McLaren as the team aims to build upon a successful 2020 which saw them finish third in the constructors' championship - it's best placing since 2012.

The Australian joins McLaren after spending two years at Renault, a period preceded by five years at Red Bull, and Seidl described integrating Ricciardo into the team as "a complex topic".

"I think it's simply important we create an environment in the team which allows the drivers to be themselves, to feel at home because that's how they can perform," explained Seidl.

"Each driver is different, each has different needs, and it's something which is very important for me.

"Of course, it's important to have a clear structure in place in terms of how you handle both drivers, to provide them with the same equipment, the same possibilities or chances to do well by giving them the same cars, the same specification, the same basic opportunities in terms of race energy.

"For me, I've done my job in the team if these two guys can battle it out on track. That's how I approach it."

Norris and Ricciardo shared a number of on-track battles last year as McLaren, Renault and Racing Point fought over in the constructors' championship.

The pair have also enjoyed several off-track jokes, including when Ricciardo made Norris cry with laughter during a press conference for the 2019 British Grand Prix.

While the antics away from the circuit may keep tension between the two to a minimum, Seidl believes his drivers must be completely transparent with each other and "speak honestly" about any concerns.

He added: "It's simply important within the team to always be fully transparent towards the drivers with what's going on, to speak open and honestly if there's anything in the back of their mind if they feel something is not going the right way, where they think they are disadvantaged or whatever.

"These guys are competitive guys and, of course, they want to do well for the team but they also want to do well for themselves and beat their team-mate.

"It's important there is very good communication and transparency to ensure that all the energy these two guys have, and all the energy within the team, is geared towards trying to simply get the maximum out of everyone in terms of performance."


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