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Russell praying new rules help a driver "make or break a weekend"

Russell praying new rules help a driver "make or break a weekend"



Russell praying new rules help a driver "make or break a weekend"

Russell praying new rules help a driver "make or break a weekend"

George Russell has expressed hope future regulations will bring the grid closer together after conceding to “frustration” in fighting at the back with Williams this year.

Mercedes protégé Russell, who made his F1 debut last year, has spent two seasons in uncompetitive equipment and is yet to score a point in 35 races.

While he acknowledged having different cars with different performance levels is “part of what F1 is” he believes the gap to the front is painfully wide for those at the back.

“There is definitely an element of frustration,” he said. “I hope, and I think everyone hopes, that from 2022, the new financial and technical regulations will bring the whole field closer together.

“Hopefully it will put the driver literally in the driving seat to make or break a weekend and I think everybody is looking forward to that."

While Russell has signed for Williams again next season, he is expecting 2021 to be “more of the same” despite the team’s recent takeover by Dorilton Capital.

With his career being mapped out by Mercedes, many in the paddock have noted his performances in the hard-to-drive Williams machine as the sign of a future champion.

Until a top-level drive becomes available, however, he will have to make do with getting the best out of the machinery he has.

"Obviously, as a driver, you want to prove what you can do on an even and fair ground," added Russell.

“I think in any sport if you race in the Tour de France and one guy has a superior bike or a bike that has an electric motor or something that can sail off, you might be the best cyclist in the world but you won't be able to compete with them.

“We have not lost sight of 2020 yet and we haven't lost sight of 2021 either. We are continuing to bring test packages to the car to try and improve it this year and into next year.

“I think now with the new owners, it is really exciting with more finance behind us to be able to focus into the future for 2022 and beyond but also keep a good eye on 2021 to continue to progress the car.

“I think that is exciting for us and then hopefully we can use this step to cement our place in front of Haas and Alfa Romeo and catch onto the back of the midfield."


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