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Gearbox issue to blame for Haas Q1 disappointment

Gearbox issue to blame for Haas Q1 disappointment


Gearbox issue to blame for Haas Q1 disappointment

Gearbox issue to blame for Haas Q1 disappointment

Kevin Magnussen believes he may have missed out on Q2 during qualifying for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix because of a gearbox sensor issue on his Haas during his fastest lap.

Magnussen qualified 17th behind team-mate Romain Grosjean, albeit falling short of a Q2 spot by just over a tenth-of-a-second to Racing Point's Lance Stroll.

The Dane has suggested the sensor issue, which is not believed to be a failure, cost him roughly a similar amount of time.

"It was a sensor in the gearbox that was misbehaving," he said. "These gearboxes, they have a seamless shift, but the first time you go out of the box, you have to learn the gears, where the gearbox syncs all the gear shifts. You have to go all the way through the eight gears to learn.

"On my second run, at the end of the out lap, just as I was about to start the push lap - which was my fastest lap - the gearbox lost the sync so it had to relearn all of the gears which makes the upshifts slow.

"It cost about a tenth-or-so. It was not more than that and I was about a tenth off Q2. It was close."

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has suggested the drivers are in for a "boring race", with the championship leader expecting a "train from turn one".

Magnussen, however, was jovial in response and after praising the challenge presented to the drivers by the circuit, he insisted the racing will not be as bad as at some circuits already on the calendar.

"How can he say that. He is never racing anyone," joked Magnussen.

Speaking of the layout, Magnussen stated: "The track is just absolutely awesome to drive. It is very narrow. One of the super important things is there is no run-off. Maybe turn nine has run-off and turn nine is probably the worst corner on the track.

"It is fast but it is just not a challenge and it is not exciting. If there was gravel like there is everywhere else, it would be really cool.

"Same with turn 11. If there was gravel at turn 11, then the entry through there into turn 12 would be super exciting. It is really nice, old-school and bumpy.

"The kerbs are actually a challenge to use, not just standard ones the FIA put into all tracks. It is just unique.

"It will be hard to overtake. It can be too hard to overtake of course. Monaco and Singapore are not that exciting races because of that. I don't think it is as bad as that here."

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