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Formula E beckoning for Grosjean

Formula E beckoning for Grosjean


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Formula E beckoning for Grosjean

Formula E beckoning for Grosjean

Romain Grosjean has revealed he is keen on a move to Formula E when he leaves the Haas Formula 1 team at the end of this season.

Grosjean made his F1 debut more than 10 years ago, competing in seven races for Renault in 2009 as a replacement for Nelson Piquet Junior. After two seasons on the sidelines, he returned in 2012 and has raced every year since.

But with money now the key to what is left of the driver market for 2021, there are few places Grosjean can turn.

While Peugeot's Hypercar programme is an option, the 34-year-old Frenchman has conceded he will now be actively looking elsewhere to continue his career beyond this year in a series he can win.

“Most likely Formula One is closing its doors,” said Grosjean. “There aren’t many seats left available. I’ve achieved a lot, I am happy with what I have done.

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“I have my weak points and my strong points, but if you give me a winning car I will win the race, and Formula E is something I am looking at - you can win races and become world champion - and Endurance as well.”

The Peugeot project particularly engages Grosjean, although it is not due to make its bow until 2022 when it enters the new Le Mans Hypercar series.

That would leave Grosjean staring at a potential year on the sidelines.

“A French constructor at one of the greatest races in the world, for sure it's a nice project,” Grosjean said recently. “I hope with hypercars, as many constructors as possible will come back and the endurance championship will enter another golden era.

“Toyota are doing a great job, but let's be real: nowadays, watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a car that's fighting its little sister, or big sister, is not very exciting.

“Peugeot is coming, there's Toyota and, I hope, other constructors. It will again be a thrilling race whose result you never know, even five minutes from the end.”

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Seriously who would employ Grosjean to drive anything? If I called and Uber and Grosjean arrived I wouldn't get in. The guy is absolutely 100% useless and dangerous.

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