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Haas "perform better" going into the unknown - Steiner

Haas "perform better" going into the unknown - Steiner



Haas "perform better" going into the unknown - Steiner

Haas "perform better" going into the unknown - Steiner

Guenther Steiner believes Formula 1's latest venture into the unknown this weekend should again aid Haas' cause.

Formula 1 stages its first Portuguese Grand Prix since 1996 at a Portimão circuit never previously used before other than for a test in 2009.

Steiner has indicated the team has so far performed better when faced with a new challenge, notably with Romain Grosjean scoring points on the sport's return to the Nürburgring at the Eifel Grand Prix, whilst the car looked more competitive at Mugello before both drivers were hampered by collisions.

“I think this year, with the exception of the high-speed tracks like Monza and Spa, the rest of the circuits are very similar," said Steiner.

"As long as we don’t have really long straights, the car is just where we are – and that’s not in our best year. In general, I quite like the challenge of having a new track and the opportunity to learn new things.

"It looks like in those circumstances we perform better. With more unknowns, there are more things we bring to the table which can help us. We don’t have the resources of the bigger teams and the experience of having been at circuits for many years.

" Every new race track has new challenges, and it seems like with the new challenges our guys react pretty quickly. Let’s hope this happens also in Portimão.”

Grosjean, who has echoed the praise of the job his engineers have done at the beginning of weekends at new venues, believes the simulator work performed by the team will assist in preparing for the first runs on Friday.

“On a new circuit, I guess, the most important thing first is to familiarise yourself with the layout," he explained.

"Obviously, you have to find the right baseline set-up, but the boys have been very good at that.

"Seeing what the simulation is saying in terms of speed in the corners and gear ratio, that gives you a first proper idea of how much speed you’re going to carry through into the corners and help you get up to speed as fast as possible.”

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