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Seidl lays full blame for wretched Russian Grand Prix on Sainz

Seidl lays full blame for wretched Russian Grand Prix on Sainz



Seidl lays full blame for wretched Russian Grand Prix on Sainz

Seidl lays full blame for wretched Russian Grand Prix on Sainz

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl has laid full blame on Carlos Sainz for the team's abysmal Russian Grand Prix after the Spaniard's first-lap incident.

Sainz collided heavily with the retaining wall at turn two of the Sochi Autodrom whilst attempting to rejoin the track through the control bollards put in place by the FIA to prevent drivers from gaining an advantage should they cut across the kerbing.

After coming to rest in the middle of the circuit, team-mate Lando Norris following on from behind was forced to slow considerably, pitching him to the rear of the pack.

While conceding to not knowing the full extent of the damage to the MCL35, Seidl pulled no punches in placing sole accountability for his team's zero points return on Sainz.

"First of all, the monocoque, we still need to assess how big the damage is," said Seidl.

"Carlos reported that he is fine, I think his foot is a bit bruised but it doesn't look like anything major. In the end, Carlos said it himself, the angle he was approaching the slot, he just misjudged it and touched the barrier and it was his fault."

When put to Seidl that turn two is a badly designed corner which could have contributed to the accident, Seidl insisted "it would be wrong to blame anyone else".

He added: "In the end, Carlos said what happened. He misjudged the situation with the angle he was approaching that slot and crashed into the barrier which was a mistake. Honestly, I would leave it like that."

With Norris also compromised, Seidl revealed the team had been holding on for a second safety car after pitting at the start of the race but acknowledged Sainz's error was ultimately defining.

"It ended our race for both cars, unfortunately, in turn two of a long race because Lando had to back out and was last after the first lap," explained Seidl.

"Then there was nothing else to do so we boxed under the safety car for the hard tyre and tried to simply survive and hope for something else to happen like another safety car which didn't work out.

"[It is] very disappointing to leave with zero points because the performance we had in qualifying, P6 and P8, I think we were up for good points.

"[It is] Important to go away, everyone learns from it, the drivers, the team, and try again in the Nürburgring."

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