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Vettel "sad" to see Schumacher's "impossible" record tumble to Hamilton

Vettel "sad" to see Schumacher's "impossible" record tumble to Hamilton



Vettel "sad" to see Schumacher's "impossible" record tumble to Hamilton

Vettel "sad" to see Schumacher's "impossible" record tumble to Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel has stated it will be a sad moment for him when Lewis Hamilton breaks Michael Schumacher's once "impossible" record for the number of Formula 1 wins.

Schumacher claimed his 91st victory towards the end of 2006 in the Chinese Grand Prix, a haul that many thought at the time would never be beaten.

Hamilton, though, will equal the feat on Sunday should he take the chequered flag in the Russian Grand Prix, a race he has won on four of the previous six occasions it has been held.

Although saddened to see the records of "hero" Schumacher broken, Vettel at least feels Hamilton is deserving of the accolade given his extreme levels of success and dedication over the years.

“I think it has always been a number that has seemed impossible to reach," said Vettel of the Schumacher haul.

"Now seeing obviously over the last few years Lewis’ track record, he was getting closer and closer and I think it was probably a question of time until he reached that.

“On the one hand, for sure, it will be sad because Michael is still my hero. On the other hand, I will be very happy for Lewis.

"I think he deserves all of the success he has had in the last years and he is going to have this year, and I don’t know if he remains, I guess so, and the next years.

“[So] A bit half-half…mixed emotions but that’s how I feel."

Over the first half of the last decade, Vettel was the dominant force in F1, taking four back-to-back world championship titles - a feat Hamilton will equal should he retain his crown this year.

Asked if he believed he would one day match Schumacher's victory haul, Vettel added: “For myself, I don’t know.

"Obviously I’m far away but, as I said, it was always one of these numbers that seemed impossible up to the point where somebody gets there, gets close and breaks it.”

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