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Russell calls for Formula 1 to experiment with Bahrain "joker lap"

Russell calls for Formula 1 to experiment with Bahrain "joker lap"



Russell calls for Formula 1 to experiment with Bahrain "joker lap"

Russell calls for Formula 1 to experiment with Bahrain "joker lap"

Williams driver George Russell has suggested Formula 1 should trial a "joker lap" at the second Bahrain race this season.

A joker lap is an initiative in rallycross where drivers have to drive a designated alternative route once per race which is usually a slower hairpin or chicane on the outside of the circuit.

Russell believes the new layout for the second race at Sakhir would lend itself well to such an idea, with drivers having to take the usual Grand Prix track once per race.

"Every year we need two joker races or something," he said, pointing to the effect of the new circuits on this seasons calendar.

"Maybe what we need to do - actually this is an idea - on the Bahrain short-circuit is that we do a joker lap on the old circuit. Just one joker lap on the old circuit like rallycross. I think that would be pretty spicy."

Formula 1 has added five new venues and a new circuit layout at Bahrain in order to bolster out the championship calendar affected so much by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Briton, who narrowly missed out on his first career points at Mugello - the first of the new circuits - praised the sport for giving the competitors the opportunity to race at the venues.

"In terms of ranking them, overall on the calendar, except for the Bahrain short-circuit that I am excited for different reasons, the other four are in the top 10 on the normal calendar just for how good they are.

"I would say Mugello, probably Imola next followed by the Nürburgring, Portimao and Turkey but all of them I am excited for. It is great of Formula 1 to give us this opportunity and spice it up a bit because we won't have our usual prep ahead of the weekend.

"It might give us a chance, I hope it will and maybe we can do this more often moving forward."

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