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FIA offer to review Norris' "stupid rule" claim

FIA offer to review Norris' "stupid rule" claim



FIA offer to review Norris' "stupid rule" claim

FIA offer to review Norris' "stupid rule" claim

FIA race director Michael Masi has suggested a potential review of what Lando Norris has described as "a stupid rule" that allows drivers to effectively make a pit stop under red-flag conditions.

Norris was comfortably sitting in third before the pit-stop window in Sunday's Italian Grand Prix before the race altered markedly when Kevin Magnussen retired, pulling his stricken Haas over at the top of the entry to the pit lane, which was immediately closed.

Upon its re-opening, the majority of the field dived in to take on fresh rubber, with Racing Point's Lance Stroll the exception, allowing him to take control of second on the road before Charles Leclerc's accident suspended the race.

The sporting regulations permit teams to change tyres during red-flag periods, which allowed Racing Point to make its mandatory pit stop, a move Norris believes they did not deserve and cost him a place on the podium with team-mate Carlos Sainz.

"The only reason I think I was not on the podium was Stroll benefiting from a free pit stop," said Norris.

"It is a bit of a stupid rule because they get it for free and they don't deserve it in many ways", before adding: "I think it [the rule] should be taken out."

Norris explained further: "We have got two examples. You have [Pierre] Gasly who boxed before, we have the red flag and he is ahead.

"It is fair and you can't do anything about that. If someone hasn't boxed, they have just gained 24 seconds doing nothing, and he should still have to pit.

"It is his fault they haven't boxed yet. You can get lucky by doing what Pierre did, that is just fair play but the one where you don't have to box and getting to use that mandatory pit stop, which they didn't really do, is a thing that I don't think is right."

Masi has pointed to the fact the red-flag protocols have been in place "for quite a long time", adding any necessary changes will not be made before the end of this season, but can be discussed going forward.

"From that perspective and from my understanding, the race suspension regulations have been as such for quite a long time," said Masi.

"Thankfully, it is not something that occurs all that often and if there are elements that need to be reviewed, we will review it in a sporting, working group with all of the teams' sporting directors and if something is necessary, go through the required process to do it.

"Nothing will change for the remainder of 2020, but we can have a discussion about what happens in the future and learn from it and see if anything can be improved."

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Comments (3)


I think there should be no pit stops under the safety car

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Under Red Flag let's say you can change tires but it does not cover mandatory stop for tires under Yellow or Green, which stay the same as before.

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