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Sainz calls on Formula 1 to try super-pole experiment

Sainz calls on Formula 1 to try super-pole experiment



Sainz calls on Formula 1 to try super-pole experiment

Sainz calls on Formula 1 to try super-pole experiment

Carlos Sainz has called on Formula 1 to experiment next season to avoid the latest qualifying farce witnessed at Monza.

Although Sainz primarily managed to steer clear of the mayhem that unfolded on occasion throughout the sessions, he feels 2021 affords F1 an opportunity to run the rule over different ideas.

One suggestion proposed by the McLaren driver is for a super-pole showdown, with the top 10, or even top 5, gunning for top spot on the grid with one flying lap and with the circuit all to themselves.

The proposal follows another problematic qualifying session for the Italian Grand Prix as drivers squabbled to gain a tow on one of the few tracks where it provides a benefit.

Sainz generally feels the current format "works" and that "the fans are pretty happy with it".

But he added: "Would I like to try something different? Yes, I think there might be scope for some experimenting, especially because we run into 2022 with new regs and maybe next year is a good time to experiment a bit.

"I’m a big fan, looking back on the days, of super pole. I really enjoyed a lot seeing cars on their own and drivers under pressure on their own on track and the cameras being able to focus on you on for that one lap and getting that pressure up.

"Maybe it would work that you could make super pole for the last five cars of qualifying or the top 10.

"But I think the rest of the format honestly works and it keeps the fans excited with this knockout format."

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has called on the fans to decide as he said: "We’ve had the same weekend format for God knows how long.

"It gets a bit boring when it’s the same thing every weekend but I don’t have a suggestion. Give it up to the fans. Find out what the fans want."

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Fri 23 Oct

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