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Ricciardo calls for driver talks after 'mind blown' by US police shooting

Ricciardo calls for driver talks after 'mind blown' by US police shooting



Ricciardo calls for driver talks after 'mind blown' by US police shooting

Ricciardo calls for driver talks after 'mind blown' by US police shooting

Daniel Ricciardo has revealed to his mind being blown by the latest shooting by police of a black man in the United States that has led to numerous athletes boycotting sports events this week

The Renault driver has been a staunch supporter of F1's own protests that began in the season-opening race in Austria, and have continued despite the divide over the taking of a knee.

The incident on Sunday, in which Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by police in a town near Milwaukee on Sunday, has led to Ricciardo claiming it to be "heavy" and feeling dismayed.

With matches in basketball, baseball and soccer in the US being postponed, and a high-profile tennis tournament being put on hold for a day, Ricciardo said: "I think seeing the other athletes take this sort of action shows the extent of what it means to everyone and how far it’s spreading.

“You keep hearing about these incidents. When’s it going to stop? When’s it enough? And it keeps seeming to happen and happen.

"So I think that’s why, in the sporting world, a lot of these athletes are now taking more drastic measures and boycotting and stuff like this.

“It’s getting pretty extreme, but I guess until there’s a change, you’re going to keep banging on the door till it falls down, if that’s the best way to say it."

Lewis Hamilton has confirmed he will not be boycotting this weekend's race in Belgium as he does not feel it will "have any effect".

Ricciardo, though, feels further talks are required within F1 to see what, if any, additional steps may need to be taken.

“We have to talk as a group here amongst our sport and the drivers, just have that conversation and see where everyone’s heads at, but it’s obviously still fresh. It’s devastating," added Ricciardo.

“I’m not one to read the news, to be honest, so when I do, like just now, you just shake your head in disbelief. I don’t know how it can keep going on.

"It still blows my mind but if there’s something we can do, of course, I think we will. Let’s try to do something, but we have to have that discussion.”

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Comments (10)


Talk about trial by media and opinions from people who do not live there and don’t know anything the police or the black population. If you bothered to watch the video you will see this guy make his first mistake, anytime a cop pulls you over you are clearly told to stay in the vehicle. He got out. He was spotted with a knife, isn’t that the principal murder weapon in the United Kingdom? And o the video a cop is heard telling him to drop the knife, he was then tazed which had no effect and is a sign of being on meth. He reached into the car and one of the cops suspected he was going for a firearm. Here in the USA that is reason enough under the law to fear for you own life and you are legally entitled to use deadly force to protect yourself and others.

So Riccardo why don’t you keep you opinions to racing and not matters you know nothing about just because you are a minor celebrity.

Let’s wait until all the facts are known and if there is a trial it’s a jury that will decide

11 2  Reply

Riccardo should stick to racing.

9 7  Reply
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