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Sainz lost for words after "another tough day"

Sainz lost for words after "another tough day"


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Sainz lost for words after "another tough day"

Sainz lost for words after "another tough day"

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz has run out of words to describe his misfortune after a pit stop issue ruined his race at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

Climbing up into the top ten during a long opening stint on the hard tyres a problem with the front-left wheel gun during his first stop delayed his departure and took away any chance of a points finish.

A downcast Sainz said: "Another tough day, I am starting to get a little bit frustrated and a little bit out of words because nothing seems to go right for me at the moment. I guess I drove well today, I was happy with how the race was going and I just need to turn the page."

He explained: "My hard work was done in that first stint

"We were looking very strong after that. We lost a lot of time today in the pits. I don't think it is the guys'fault, I don't want to be tough on them. I think we had a mechanical failure at the pit stop.

"It is not something to be tough about but as a competitive driver that I am, I am obviously very disappointed."

Following the stop, Sainz says he was just "cruising" to the finish.

He added: "I stayed out on the hard tyre, we were starting to overcut everybody and starting to create a big tyre delta, which would have put me in a very strong position for the rest of the race.

"Again, another five seconds or something lost in the pit-stop and from there on, back into traffic and back into a very bad position. All of that hard work undone."

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