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The couch, the kitchen or Aston Martin - what next for Vettel?

The couch, the kitchen or Aston Martin - what next for Vettel?



The couch, the kitchen or Aston Martin - what next for Vettel?

The couch, the kitchen or Aston Martin - what next for Vettel?

Sebastian Vettel's Formula 1 future remains up in the air, and although Racing Point remains a likely destination, the German appears to be enjoying keeping the media guessing.

As is becoming commonplace in the pre-race media sessions on a Thursday, Vettel faced a barrage of questions as to where he will be racing in 2020.

It has been widely reported the current Ferrari driver will join Racing Point, that in 2021 becomes Aston Martin. So strong are the rumours it appears to be a case of when, and not if, an announcement will be made.

The speculation intensified after the British Grand Prix when F1 photographer Mark Sutton spotted Vettel climbing into the car of Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer after the race.

Questioned on the incident, Vettel led session host Tom Clarkson a merry dance with the following humorous exchange after being initially asked about his exit from Silverstone with Szafnauer.

Vettel: “It’s correct. We were heading to the fuel station.” Clarkson: "And after that?" Vettel: “After the fuel station he was going home and I continued going somewhere else.” Clarkson: "But you were in his car?" Vettel: “Yes. I was. It is a nice car. He’s got a Ferrari Pista and I remember years ago he was talking about the car and he obviously got one, and he said that he was running out of fuel. I said ‘Where are you going?’ and we were heading in the same direction and then I was going with him to the fuel station and then somewhere else.” Clarkson: "So you were in separate cars?" Vettel: “No. We were in the same car but we were wearing masks so we were – obviously you can’t be two metres apart. I don’t know.

Vettel was then asked if Szafnauer had anything for him to sign in the glovebox, to which the German jokingly replied: “Well I signed something. I’m not sure what, he told me it was a waiver in case he crashed that I’m happy with it.

“That was a joke! Just making sure because nowadays people get everything a bit wrong!"

Half-heartedly attempting to move the talk away from Racing Point/Aston Martin, Vettel at one point commented he had "possibilities" outside of F1.

Questioned on what series he was considering, he said: “I was joking a little bit. I was thinking more about the couch, kitchen table, sofa…so loads of opportunities in that regard.

“I haven’t really checked anything outside of Formula 1, or sofa, or kitchen table, or couch…”

Concluding his participation in the press conference, the 33-year-old added: “As I said, from my side there’s no news, nothing to announce. I’ve known Otmar for a long time, I’ve been in his car before but nobody was interested.

“We’ve known each other for a long time. You speak to the people you know, that’s not uncommon.”

From the whole session, there was only one concrete fact learned - Vettel and Szafnauer have known each other "for a long time".

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