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Charles Leclerc admits his podium finish was "lucky"

Charles Leclerc admits his podium finish was "lucky"



Charles Leclerc admits his podium finish was "lucky"

Charles Leclerc admits his podium finish was "lucky"

Charles Leclerc praised the balance of his Ferrari, but admitted he was fortunate to clinch a last-gasp podium at the British Grand Prix.

The Monegasque was comfortably in fourth for much of the race but profited from Valtteri Bottas' tyre delamination with three laps remaining, which saw the Mercedes drop from second.

Max Verstappen then moved up to P2, allowing Leclerc to take the podium, and he admitted that he was 'lucky' to come away with a spot in the top three.

He said post-race: "It was a very tricky race.

"As soon as I heard that Valtteri had a tyre problem, then I slowed down quite a lot, then I think Carlos had it [tyre blow-out] a lap later and then Lewis a lap later.

"On that, we have been lucky but apart from that, looking at us, I think we have done the best of what we could have done today. I am very happy how I managed my tyres from beginning to end, very happy with the balance of the car.

"The performance of the car is not where we want it to be, but today we took every opportunity and I am very happy about today."

Leclerc added that he believes Pirelli will need to investigate the tyre issues suffered in the closing stages, with the second Silverstone race next week featuring tyres that will be a step softer.

"I don't know what the cause is," he said.

"Whether there was debris on the track or whatever, but I think Lewis cut the corner on another place on track than Valtteri, so it is probably true to review.

"I can't say, probably the Pirelli guys will investigate that."

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