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Prison warning for F1 personnel who break Hungarian GP Covid protocol

Prison warning for F1 personnel who break Hungarian GP Covid protocol



Prison warning for F1 personnel who break Hungarian GP Covid protocol

Prison warning for F1 personnel who break Hungarian GP Covid protocol

Formula 1 personnel have been given a clear warning they face imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £12,400 should they breach stringent lockdown protocol throughout next weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.

A document issued by the County Government Office in Budapest, and pertaining to UK, non-EU or EEA nationals has been issued to F1 regarding what is entitled as 'Pandemic control and observation'.

Hungarian officials have made it clear that for all concerned they must remain confined to their hotel upon arrival, and that travel is only permitted to and from the Hungaroring.

The document, seen by GP Fans, states that: "Violation of the rules, guidelines of the observation, isolation and quarantine during the stay in Hungary is handled as a crime, and is punished with imprisonment."

It adds that a violation also "counts as an administrative offence of law, and other than being held criminally responsible, [an] administrative sanction will be formulated, specifically: a medical fine in the range of 30,000Ft to 5,000,000Ft." (£73.80 to £12,400)

The document has resulted in a note being issued to all F1 teams on Saturday morning advising them of the threat.

The note, that has been communicated to GPFans, asserts that: "Attendees of UK or other non-EU or EEA nationality may not use public transport and taxis.

"Any meals should be taken at either the venue or the accommodation, and any free time should be spent within the boundaries of the accommodation.

"Failure to adhere to these additional restrictions will be punishable by the Hungarian authorities and may result in imprisonment and/or fines of up to approximately 15,000 Euros."

While such a restriction applies to the majority of the F1 personnel, it has been suggested that all involved should comply.

The note adds that "in order to clearly demonstrate the willingness of all stakeholders and attendees to respect the measures which the Hungarian government has established for the running of the Hungarian event, and to avoid any possible confusion within the local community, it is highly recommended that all attendees adhere to the restrictions".

Ferrari and drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have been issued with warnings by the FIA after breaching Covid-19 protocols in recent days.

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Sun 02 Aug

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