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Russell's F1 future in Claire Williams' hands

Russell's F1 future in Claire Williams' hands



Russell's F1 future in Claire Williams' hands

Russell's F1 future in Claire Williams' hands

Mercedes junior driver George Russell has revealed that his immediate Formula 1 future rests in the hands of Claire Williams.

Russell joined F1 at the same time as Red Bull's Alex Albon and McLaren's Lando Norris. However, while the Williams driver continues to lap at the back of the field, his rivals are competing for podiums.

Asked about a potential move to Mercedes, Russell was typically diplomatic in his response as he said: "Mercedes are my managers. We've been in talks, we're always in talks.

"We've been in talks on a weekly basis, almost daily basis for the past two years, and those talks have increased obviously as I'm pushing for my future.

"But as I say, I know what I need to do, which is just perform to my maximum on track.

"I do have a contract for next year with Williams, so ultimately it's in Claire's [Williams - deputy team principal] hands of where my future lies.

"We'll have to see in the coming weeks, in the coming months what happens on that side of things."

Russell was also pressed on whether the vacancy at Renault, a seat now filled by the returning Fernando Alonso, was ever considered as an option to move up the grid.

"As I mentioned, I have a contract with Williams [for] next year," added Russell. "I am a Mercedes junior driver, so like I say, I don't think Claire would allow me to go anywhere else - potentially other than Mercedes.

"Even then, who knows, as I say, that's not in my hands. That's in her hands and for the powers above me to deal with and [I'll] see what happens there.

"As I say, [I] just focus on my job, and that's all I can do."

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