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Drivers to discuss taking a knee - Hamilton

Drivers to discuss taking a knee - Hamilton



Drivers to discuss taking a knee - Hamilton

Drivers to discuss taking a knee - Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has not yet decided whether he will 'take a knee' prior to the start of Sunday's season-opening Formula 1 grand prix in Austria.

Such action is seen as a symbolic gesture in the global fight against racism, and as witnessed by players and officials when the Premier League restarted in June.

McLaren's Lando Norris recently revealed some of the drivers had discussed doing so, and that the subject would be raised again in the drivers' briefing at the Red Bull Ring on Friday.

Asked as to his position on the matter at Thursday's FIA press conference at the circuit, Mercedes driver Hamilton said: "We haven't all spoken. I'm sure this weekend we will.

"It's not been at the top of my mind, and I've been asked the question multiple times. It's not really been a priority for me to come with a plan to kneel at the start line. We will see Sunday.

"Whatever we do, we will try to do it united. It's really important we become united in this sport and we really do have to fight for the injustices and the inequality."

Hamilton has been particularly outspoken on the subjects, shining a spotlight on the lack of diversity within Formula 1, resulting in numerous projects now being set up.

While F1, the FIA and Mercedes as a team have all taken a lead, the six-time F1 champion has been surprised more has not been forthcoming from the other teams.

"I've definitely not heard anything from any of the other teams, as far as I'm aware, and the call-out was for everyone in this industry," added Hamilton.

"There are so many great jobs here, so many opportunities, but very few so far shown to minorities, so we really do have to push, more needs to be done.

"But it is a starting point and I won't stop pushing until we really see change. Seeing one person of colour added to the paddock is not diversity, so we've really got to dig deep, we've really got to pull together and do what we can to shift this.

"Everyone has an opinion as to why we don't have more diversity here, but I should be able to come to you with factual results that show us how and why we can change it."

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Bringing politics into motor racing is wrong, its sport. Disagree there is a UK race problem. Already resentment against him, evading taxes while using the Union Jack and criticising the country. Respect lost. Blm is Marxist organisation in disguise, discredited, unfit to be promoted, disappointed MB have been hoodwinked by this deception.

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The only reason the Ham wants to take the knee is that if everyone doesn't, h can say that is my point black lives matter, yes but I AM WHITE and ALL LIVES MATTER, NOT JUST YOURS.

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