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Hamilton: Off-track challenge this year bigger than on it

Hamilton: Off-track challenge this year bigger than on it



Hamilton: Off-track challenge this year bigger than on it

Hamilton: Off-track challenge this year bigger than on it

Lewis Hamilton believes his biggest challenge this season will be off track rather than on it in a bid to change Formula 1 from within.

A week ahead of the start of the new campaign, the six-time F1 champion has recently placed himself in the public spotlight as he has been especially vocal with regard to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Hamilton has also countered comments from Bernie Ecclestone, claiming to be saddened and disappointed by controversial remarks made by the former F1 supremo.

Asked in a Petronas Motorsports video as to the biggest challenge he and Mercedes face this season, Hamilton made clear his objectives.

“It’s a really weird time in the world, and the biggest challenge in my mind is, it's not about the championship necessarily. It’s not a normal year," replied Hamilton.

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“Today we are seeing an opportunity for change, and my race is to be supporting that. My race is in line with inclusivity and diversity and pushing for that, so that’s what I’m racing for.

“I’m racing for all of you out there who may feel that you don’t have a voice. I’m going to shine my light and make as big a noise as I can to try and affect change. The only way I can do that is by being in it and changing it from within.

“I’m talking about my industry, I’m talking about the motor industry, trying to create a ripple effect that encourages other businesses globally. That’s the core of my goal.”

Similarly, when Hamilton was pitched the question as to the best achievement of his career, the 35-year-old did not point to any of his six F1 titles, but instead, it was more personal.

“In the world, in the society that we live in, I think making it just as a young black kid from a council estate in Stevenage, making it to Formula 1 through the tiniest window of opportunity," said Hamilton.

"I still think that’s a very, very important part of my journey, and then staying there and continuing to deliver against adversity.

“You can have as many championships or wins as you want, but that is a challenge of itself, and that’s probably the thing I’m most proud of.”

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