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Carey contributes $1 million to new F1 diversity foundation

Carey contributes $1 million to new F1 diversity foundation


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Carey contributes $1 million to new F1 diversity foundation

Carey contributes $1 million to new F1 diversity foundation

Formula 1 has released further details of the #WeRaceAsOne initiative, CEO Chase Carey personally donating $1 million to get things moving.

Formula 1 and the wider motorsport industry is still dominated by white males and, with the prominence of the Black Lives Matter campaign, steps are being taken to ensure problems of the past, are not problems of the future.

In launching the #WeRaceAsOne initiative on Monday, Formula 1 took a clear stance in declaring that no form of discrimination would be tolerated, while also thanking the key workers responsible for getting nations through the ongoing pandemic.

Following on from this initial announcement, Formula 1 has now issued further details of its plans, with a dedicated task force being created to 'identify the right initiatives required to increase diversity and inclusion across Formula 1'.

Teams and drivers will all have input in the initiative, as will 'external diversity and inclusion experts', and the task force 'will be focused at identifying the employment and education opportunities for under-represented groups across Formula 1, including STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] careers, and the required actions to address these findings'.

Alongside the task force, a foundation will be created 'to finance primarily, but not exclusively, internships and apprenticeships within Formula 1 for under-represented groups to ensure they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and have access to a promising career in the sport'.

The initial funding of $1 million for the foundation has been contributed by Carey, and the Formula 1 CEO says these initiatives are only the start as the sport attempts to become a more inclusive environment.

“We fully recognise that Formula 1 needs to be more inclusive and diverse," said Carey. "While we set out our strategy last year to improve the position of our sport, we need, and want, to do more.

"That is why we will establish a Task Force to listen and ensure the right initiatives are identified to increase diversity in Formula 1. We want to ensure we give people from all backgrounds the best chances to work in Formula 1 regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical abilities.

"We are therefore also taking the initial step of creating a foundation to support key educational and employment opportunities across Formula 1 that will give under-represented talent the chance to work in this incredible sport and build an exciting career.”

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will we see evidence of this racism in the sport before they go down the route that ulitmately starts to exclude white people?

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