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Ricciardo expects big things from Norris

Ricciardo expects big things from Norris



Ricciardo expects big things from Norris

Ricciardo expects big things from Norris

Daniel Ricciardo has said he hopes for 'some good competition' from Lando Norris when the two drivers link-up at McLaren in 2021.

Ricciardo is no stranger to competing alongside a young promising teammate, and the Australian has said he expects a similar challenge from Norris as he was given by Verstappen at Red Bull.

“Hopefully a lot. Obviously, I felt that with Max [Verstappen] at Red Bull," Ricciardo told the F1 Nation podcast. "It was like, I feel like we both lifted each other by pushing each other and being the competitors that we are.

“I would obviously love that and expect that from Lando, and I say I expect it, because he had a really strong rookie year.

“I’m pretty sure he out qualified Carlos. I think that was quite a statement for his rookie year, so I expect him to be there.

“I think we’re both pretty easy going once the helmet is off and I’m sure people will have a bit of fun with that, but I’m sure you’re going to see some good competition.

“The same with [Esteban] Ocon this year. I’ve still got obviously this year with him, and I haven’t raced him as a teammate yet, but same kind of deal."

After it was pointed out to Ricciardo that he is ten-years Norris's senior, the Australian expressed his amusement at having the next generation of drivers snapping at his heels.

Ricciardo added: “I’m actually really excited to have these young little ankle-biters coming at me, but I’m excited to see how he goes.

“We say rusty, but he’s the most rusty having all last year off as well, so I know he’s champing at the bit to get going.”

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