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Webber: 'Serial winner' Alonso won't return to F1

Webber: 'Serial winner' Alonso won't return to F1



Webber: 'Serial winner' Alonso won't return to F1

Webber: 'Serial winner' Alonso won't return to F1

Mark Webber believes Fernando Alonso will not return to Formula 1 as the Spaniard has no interest in racing in the midfield.

Since his Formula 1 exit, Alonso has sampled various different motorsport disciplines. However, this lack of a singular focus, is exactly why Webber feels Alonso will not return to F1.

"I would [be surprised if he returned]," Webber told the F1 Nation Podcast. "We know Fernando is extraordinary He's had an insane career, but he's not at his peak anymore, it'll be harder for him to do what he did in the past.

"What is his focus? Every week we see something else popping up. Where's the focus on all of this. Is he going to be loyal to a new regime, signing a two-or-three year contract in Formula 1, is it just for one year? Or you're four months in and the team is looking for someone else, so what's the point?"

While Webber doesn't doubt Alonso still has the pace to compete at the front in Formula 1, he called into question the Spaniard's willingness to compete for a midfield team with only a small chance that future developments could catapult him back to the front.

He added: "At nine-out-of-ten he is still good for someone to have, but Alonso's a serial winner and mid-pack, that's what he left Formula 1 for. He was determined to say, 'if I can't for podiums, then I don't want to be in Formula 1'. That was the last message we had off him."

"I don't see an opportunity for podiums for him in terms of a team that can do that for him. We know that he is a racer, he is missing it a lot."

"If it could be long-term, and he could pull it off, I'm not saying he could but I think it would be very challenging for him to stay motivated for two years in the middle of the field."

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