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Ferrari: We would have re-signed Hamilton by now

Ferrari: We would have re-signed Hamilton by now



Ferrari: We would have re-signed Hamilton by now

Ferrari: We would have re-signed Hamilton by now

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has declared that if he were in the shoes of Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff he would have re-signed six-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton by now.

Binotto's comments in Italian publication La Stampa are in response to Wolff's remarks expressing surprise at Ferrari's decision to part company with Sebastian Vettel at the end of the year without seeing or judging his performance this season.

In contrast, Wolff has decided he will not sit down with Hamilton - who is out of contract in just over six months' time - to discuss a contract extension until the season has started.

Binotto said: "I'm glad Mercedes always has an opinion about us.

"I, too, am surprised they have not yet signed a contract with Hamilton - we would have done it much earlier."

Explaining Ferrari's reasoning in confirming Vettel's departure so early, and replacing him with Carlos Sainz, Binotto added: "We decided to do so out of a sense of transparency towards Sebastian.

"He must think about his future, and we could not delay the decision. Our choice, with regard to him, was correct."

Binotto has also expressed dismay at another of Wolff's decisions in blocking reverse-grid races.

With double-header events in Austria and Britain looming, the suggestion was proposed that to spice up the racing for the second event at each venue, normal qualifying would be replaced by a 30-minute sprint race, with the line-up determined by the drivers in reverse championship order.

With unanimity amongst the 10 teams required for the proposal to be adopted in the sporting regulations, Mercedes was the only one to oppose.

Binotto said: "I am disappointed. We missed a good opportunity. If you run the same grand prix twice a week, like in Austria and England, the risk is the second race will be a repeat of the first.

"We thought of a different format, there was an idea on the table and F1, the FIA and nine out of the 10 teams agreed. The opposition from one team was enough to block the proposal.

"It's a real shame for the fans and for our sport."

Referring to his own team's position in accepting a $30million cut to the budget cap for the good of the sport, Binotto added: "I am very sorry because we have all accepted compromises at this time."

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