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What the FIA-Ferrari protest outcome could be

What the FIA-Ferrari protest outcome could be


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What the FIA-Ferrari protest outcome could be

What the FIA-Ferrari protest outcome could be

The seven non-Ferrari powered Formula One teams have all released a joint statement protesting the FIA's 'settlement' with Ferrari after the conclusion of an investigation into their power unit, but what could the result of this action be?

Ferrari finished second in the constructors' standings to Mercedes but, having failed to win a race prior to the summer shutdown, Ferrari returned with three straight victories in Belgium, Italy and Singapore. There were also six-straight pole positions from Italy to Mexico for the Scuderia.

These wins were largely thanks to a huge boost in straight-line performance, an advantage that Ferrari had enjoyed previously, but not to any extent even close to this.

At the United States Grand Prix, a fuel flow system proposed by Red Bull was deemed illegal, and Ferrari mysteriously lacked pace in the race.

Another technical directive was issued ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix and, before crashing into each other, the two Ferrari drivers again were showing no signs of the pace that had characterised recent races.

Max Verstappen jibed, "That's what happens when you stop cheating."

If this were to happen, AlphaTauri would leapfrog Renault in the constructors' standings by two-points and Red Bull would clear Ferrari by close to 100-points for second position.

The change would also drop Carlos Sainz behind both Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon, the Thai driver leapfrogging both men with podium results in Belgium, Japan and Mexico.

However, if Ferrari were or indeed are unable to prove that they were not running the illegal components for the entirety of the season up to the United States Grand Prix, the effect would be huge.

As with points, the gap in prize money decreases the further down the order you look, but were Ferrari to be disqualified altogether, all teams, save for Mercedes, would benefit from the fallout.

Teams unite against FIA-Ferrari 'settlement' following power unit investigationsRead more

In 2007, McLaren were disqualified from the constructors' championship as a whole for their part in the 'Spygate scandal'. As a result, they could claim none of the prize money for the season, so there is a precedent for such action.

Alfa Romeo and Haas, the other two team to run using Ferrari power, have made no comment on the protest.

With over half of the grid banding together in a show of unity uncommon in Formula One, there is real pressure on the FIA to act and to answer just why a 'settlement' was reach behind closed doors.

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hi i think that the powers that be wanted to get back the vito that ferrari holds indefinitely so in order to not financially punish them they possibly gave the ultimatum of surrendering their vito but cannot announce that .

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