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No question over DAS legality for Bottas

No question over DAS legality for Bottas



No question over DAS legality for Bottas

No question over DAS legality for Bottas

Mercedes' Dual-Axis Steering (DAS) system is legal says Valtteri Bottas, as other Formula 1 teams begin to consider how to create a version of their own.

Bottas has no questions over the legality of DAS and insists that the Mercedes team would not have pursued the innovation if there were question marks hanging over it.

“When a team brings something new, there’s always going to be talk about whether it’s legal or not," said Bottas. "I don’t think that our team would start designing something that they think could get banned, so I think we’re pretty comfortable with that – that it’s within the rules and for sure, for the other teams it is something to think about."

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Formula One teams are forced to choose between two options whenever a new innovation is revealed - they can either protest the legality or work out whether the system can be worked for their car.

“I’m sure they’re all evaluating if it’s worth investing that amount of time and effort to try and make it for this year or not," explained Bottas.

"Like I said, for us, it was a pretty big project and it would be a difficult thing to just pop in.

“So, I hope we can have an edge with that. How big the edge can be with that is a complete question mark.”

Mercedes will continue their development of DAS at the second pre-season test in Barcelona on February 26.


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