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Grosjean tight lipped on Haas improvements

Grosjean tight lipped on Haas improvements



Grosjean tight lipped on Haas improvements

Grosjean tight lipped on Haas improvements

Romain Grosjean completed 158-laps on the second day of pre-season testing as Haas attempt to see if they have fixed some of the correlation issues that massively affected their 2019 campaign, and the Frenchman wasn't convincing anyone with his noncommittal answers.

It was Grosjean in 2019 who consistently told his Haas team that they needed to return to their day one specification after identifying that there was a lack in correlation between the windtunnel data to what both he and Kevin Magnussen were feeling on track.

Haas have yet to show their pace in testing although the team have completed an impressive number of laps, the 158 of Grosjean adding to the 106-laps completed by Magnussen on Wednesday.

Pressed on whether the correlation issues have been solved, Grosjean said, "I can't tell you. It's a good question but I can't tell you. Ask the boss."

While Grosjean refused to answer, his negative body language told a clear story.

Despite the troubles, Grosjean said that the team are trying everything to get an understanding of the VF20.

"We did loads of testing," said Grosjean. "Some not really for performance but to try different things. Some runs were a bit less exciting than some others, but generally I think we went through a lot of the programme, tried as many things as we could in one day.

Grosjean came close to bringing out the first red flag of pre-season testing when spinning and making contact with the wall on the outside of turn three. The Frenchman damaged his rear wing but was able to drive out of the gravel and recover to the pits.

"It had to be me that spun!" joked Grosjean. "I don't think I will be the only one. I was not actually the first one, but unlucky that there was not that much space there."


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Sun 12 Jul

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