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No pressure on Albon in 2020

No pressure on Albon in 2020



No pressure on Albon in 2020

No pressure on Albon in 2020

Red Bull boss Christian Horner is confident that Alex Albon will benefit from the stability of remaining with a team between seasons.

Alex Albon has not had the most straightforward of roads to Formula One. Last remaining with the same team and in the same championship from 2013 to 2014 - racing in Eurocup Formula Renault with KTR - Albon has since jumped from category to category.

Even the Thai-British drivers eventual promotion to Formula One was complicated with Albon having signed for the Nissan factory team in Formula E before the shock move away from Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo caused Red Bull to shuffle their pack and reintroduce Albon.

"He's had a lot of adversity to deal with during his career," Horner told Motorsport.com.

"And I think, you see people's make-up in adversity and I think he's shown that determination, that character, and I've got no doubt he'll benefit from stability now.

"And he shares many of the same virtues that Max has with that ability to cope with pressure, that determination."

When promoted from Toro Rosso midway through 2019, Horner put no pressure on Albon with specific targets and goals to hit, and this will again be the case for 2020.

"You've seen every race he's done with us, he's just got better and better. And I mean, he was unlucky in Brazil, but I think he's driven brilliantly well - first year, two [different] teams plus the pressure of coming here and having Max Verstappen as your teammate.

"He's handled that really well. I think he's impressed the whole team with his approach and his attitude, with his feedback, with his pace that continues to grow."


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