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Vettel isn't as good as F1 rivals - Coulthard

Vettel isn't as good as F1 rivals - Coulthard



Vettel isn't as good as F1 rivals - Coulthard

Vettel isn't as good as F1 rivals - Coulthard

David Coulthard says Sebastian Vettel's crash with Charles Leclerc at the Brazilian Grand Prix was further proof of the German lacking skills in wheel-to-wheel combat.

At a safety car restart prompted by Valtteri Bottas' retirement, Leclerc had the run on Vettel with fresher tyres, but the German fought back on the back straight, with the aid of DRS.

As the German looked to shut the door on his teammate, their wheels touched, causing a dramatic failure on Leclerc's front right and leaving Vettel with a puncture.

Stewards saw no need to take further action, but Coulthard was clear that Vettel ought to have been blamed.

"I think he's got to look at himself in the mirror and say he was the lion share of the fault in that incident," Coulthard said on Channel 4's coverage of the race.

"He's got form when it comes to that, blaming others.

"Seb's been on the ropes all year. It's been a tough season for him with young Charles coming in and showing what speed he's got; lots of pole positions and running in front of him in the championship.

"Seb is a four-time world champion, but past performances don't guarantee you future success.

"I think desperate people do desperate things. I'm not saying he is desperate, but he just isn't quite as good in wheel-to-wheel combat as others.

"He's a fantastically quick world champion, but he's got form when it comes to that type of racing."

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So that’s according to a driver that never won anything... Hahaha...

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David you are a numbnut coulthard won races and got podiums seb vettel is a typical throw your toys out the pram if it's not going his way he got those 4 championships cos the red bull car was just faster now he's in a ferrari and he's being outshined by leclerc and baby vettel doesn't like it

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