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Verstappen's 'attack mode' praised by Alonso

Verstappen's 'attack mode' praised by Alonso



Verstappen's 'attack mode' praised by Alonso

Verstappen's 'attack mode' praised by Alonso

Fernando Alonso says Max Verstappen's driving style is good for Formula 1 viewers, but says none of the current drivers stand out as the best among the pack.

Alonso departed F1 at the end of 2018 highly critical of the sport, which has been dominated by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes in the V6 Hybrid era – a sixth straight title double going the Silver Arrows' way in 2019.

Despite Hamilton's sustained success, Alonso chose another star of the current crop of drivers to single out for praise.

"There is no better driver in F1. Everything has to be analysed," Alonso told El Confidencial.

"You have to see who is the best for a few years. Today I like to follow Max Verstappen because he's always in attack mode and that's good for the viewer."

Since leaving F1, Alonso has raced in WEC and IndyCar, with the Dakar Rally next on his agenda, but a return to his former stomping ground remains a possibility.

He added: "I find motivation to change categories from my passion to win. I enjoy these new challenges.

"In Formula 1, only one car wins and in February you know who will win and you know that you are going to be 11th or 13th.

"I don't rule out my return to Formula 1. I will study the rules of the future to be able to return in 2021.

"I don't regret the decisions I made in my career. You can't analyse the past, unless you have a crystal ball."


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