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Renault put positive spin on having no customers

Renault put positive spin on having no customers



Renault put positive spin on having no customers

Renault put positive spin on having no customers

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul believes that the French manufacturer will be able to focus solely on themselves when they will no longer have any customers to provide engines for.

Last month, McLaren announced they would be ending their partnership with Renault in order to return to their previous agreement with Mercedes in 2021.

Abiteboul thinks the change could be a positive one if Renault can benefit from concentrating on their own development.

“In particular for next year there is no impact because the engine for next year is done, it’s on the dyno already, you know that it’s a long lead-time development, so nothing is going to impact what we are doing for 2020,” the team principal said at the Japanese GP weekend.

“It’s going to impact what we could be doing for 2021 on the basis that, when you have multiple customers, in particular the way that Renault is doing it, we always try to satisfy everyone to take on board all the comments in terms of installation, and so on and so forth, so that will be one less distraction.

“We will be able to focus on ourselves and just on ourselves. And that’s it.”

Even though there will be no customer money coming in, he disputes the suggestion the team could be detrimentally affected, financially.

“From an economic perspective, there is absolutely no impact and nothing in it, because we sell, more or less, at a cost. Due to the price cap limitation.

“So, frankly, it’s nothing, that it’s good news, because, you know, it’s always satisfying to see your product being used by multiple teams but in terms of what we need to achieve and deliver for Renault it has absolutely no impact.”


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