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Brawn: F1 needs a Stars ‘n’ Stripes' team like Haas

Brawn: F1 needs a Stars ‘n’ Stripes' team like Haas



Brawn: F1 needs a Stars ‘n’ Stripes' team like Haas

Brawn: F1 needs a Stars ‘n’ Stripes' team like Haas

Ross Brawn reckons it is important that Haas continue to remain in Formula 1 and perform to a competitive standard if the sport is to generate more interest and expand into the United States.

F1 has had a raft of American drivers over the years, but with none on the current grid, the only American representation comes through Haas, who finished fifth in the constructors’ championship last season.

One of Liberty Media’s main targets after taking over the sport was to oversee a plan to gain more of an audience in the USA, with part of this plan including introducing another race in the country, with Miami the most mentioned location.

Until that happens, they are relying on Haas to help maintain interest from American fans.

“Gene Haas’ team is a valuable asset for Formula 1,” said Brawn

“It is the first example of a new team establishing itself in a sport that for too many years has seen teams come and go in a short space of time, without ever really making their mark.

“It’s also important because it flies the US flag in a sport that is generally Euro-centric. It is vital for Formula 1 that we continue to support the growth in interest in the sport in the USA and in the absence of an American driver a Stars ‘n’ Stripes team fulfils that role.

“Let’s hope therefore that Haas is on the up in this final part of the season and maybe they can even get a good result at their home race in Austin.”

This season, however, Haas have had a torrid time and are currently ninth in the championship, and Brawn thinks their performance, not only their presence on the grid, will be vital in securing support in the US.

“After finishing fifth in the Constructors’ Championship last year, Haas started this season with the hope of consolidating its progress,” the F1 motorsport boss explained.

“But unfortunately they seem to be going backwards, especially in the races, although they’ve been a bit better in qualifying.

“At one point it seemed the team was in a vicious circle from a technical point of view, but Gunther Steiner’s men are back on track, dismantling the puzzle pieces put in place to date and reassembling the jigsaw all over again.”


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