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Ecclestone says 16 races is perfect for F1

Ecclestone says 16 races is perfect for F1



Ecclestone says 16 races is perfect for F1

Ecclestone says 16 races is perfect for F1

Bernie Ecclestone says Formula 1 will become devalued by adding more races to the schedule.

Under Ecclestone's lead, Formula 1 was taken across the world and had its calendar swollen to 21 races by 2016, a figure which has been matched under Liberty Media's watch.

With the addition of races in Vietnam and the Netherlands next year, the schedule will hit a new record at 22 grands prix, with Chase Carey having previously spoken of a desire to have as much as 25 races in a season.

Despite his own role in the calendar's expansion, Ecclestone dismissed the financial merits behind adding more and more races.

Asked about the calendar potentially growing to 24 races in 2021, Ecclestone told Auto Motor und Sport: "[It is] Definitely too much. Sixteen races are enough.

"The more races there are, the more the product is devalued. We have already experienced this supersaturation in tennis. There are 100 tournaments, but not even 10 of them are important.

"If there are only 16 races, the organizers have to pay more accordingly.

"And they will do it, because their event is all the more valuable due to the shortage of the Grands Prix."

Liberty is looking to revamp F1's regulations from 2021 and beyond, but Ecclestone does not believe big changes are necessary after a run of six fine races on the spin he described as "like Formula One should be".

"I see no reason for big change," he said. "If so, then you would have to change something dramatically. For example, back to naturally aspirated engines. But there's no courage.

"I see no reason why they should be thinking about a Plan B. It would be better if they had a good plan A and make it work."


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