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Vettel: Boring F1 worth it for safety

Vettel: Boring F1 worth it for safety



Vettel: Boring F1 worth it for safety

Vettel: Boring F1 worth it for safety

Sebastian Vettel says it would be worth making Formula 1 and motorsport wider more "boring" if safety improves as a result.

Anthoine Hubert's passing in Formula 2's feature race in Belgium has thrust the safety of motorsport into the spotlight. Hubert passed away after a high-speed collision with Juan Manuel Correa.

With many drivers past and present offering their thoughts on how Formula 1 could become more safe, Sir Jackie Stewart said the incident ought to serve as a "wake-up call" to the sport.

Stewart added: "The shock and grief that was very evident in Spa is something that is new to this generation. Suddenly, everybody is aware that 'my God, if we do the wrong thing here, there is going to be a disaster'. There hadn't been a disaster for such a long time."

The quote was put to drivers in the Italian GP's pre-race press conference and Vettel sympathised with his fellow world champion's view.

"I think, looking back obviously he was racing at a horrible time where drivers passed away, not regularly but obviously a lot more frequently," Vettel said.

"So, for sure, you cannot compare his era to our era. Obviously he's been around at that time, he's been racing so he knows what it felt like and is able to judge whether it's different or not.

"I don't think we can have that judgement. But yes, again, as far as I understand it, it was a bit of a chain of happenings, of situations that led into the final accident but, yeah, I think we all had our moment on Saturday and obviously Sunday, going to the race track and driving the race but to some extent it's part of motorsport. It is dangerous, it's part of the thrill – but certainly obviously the last years have been a wake-up with the passing of Jules and now Anthoine.

"It shows that there are still things – even if people think it's too safe and boring – I think there are still things we can do better, we must improve, we must work on, because I'd rather have boring Formula 1 championships to the end of ever and bring him back – so I think there's no question about that trade."


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