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Sainz: I don't miss Red Bull

Sainz: I don't miss Red Bull



Sainz: I don't miss Red Bull

Sainz: I don't miss Red Bull

Carlos Sainz says he is not missing his spot in the Red Bull system, having enjoyed a first season away from the programme with McLaren.

Having been on loan at Renault in 2017 and 2018, Sainz cut ties with Red Bull after almost a decade in their driver programme.

Red Bull opted to sign Pierre Gasly to the senior line-up, rather than former Toro Rosso driver Sainz, after Daniel Ricciardo shocked the team by announcing a move to Renault.

Gasly has now been dropped to Toro Rosso, and is likely to be overtaken by Sainz in sixth place in the standings as the Spaniard is just seven points behind, but Sainz has had no thoughts of what might have been had he remained with Red Bull.

"I'm doing well, I'm happy, I don't miss Red Bull. I was at the wrong time in the wrong place," Sainz told Movistar.

"On a personal level I knew that such a streak was inside me, that I could enjoy F1 like I never had before.

"In the midfield, being so consistent, it gives you things, it means that things are being done very well."

Despite some fantastic drives putting him into 'best of the rest' contention, Sainz says he does not gain enough airtime, as he is not racing for victories.

"I get quite angry. Every time I scream at home because I do not get on the television," he said.

"You have missed important moments, such as the comeback in Austria. I went from 20th to eighth and nothing came out."


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