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Formula 1 looking at alternative to fossil fuels

Formula 1 looking at alternative to fossil fuels



Formula 1 looking at alternative to fossil fuels

Formula 1 looking at alternative to fossil fuels

Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has promised that Liberty Media are “aggressively” looking at introducing synthetic fuels into the sport in the future in an attempt to move away from their reliance on fossil fuels.

In 2014, the sport introduced the V6 hybrid engine era which was seen as a step forward in using more environmentally friendly fuels whilst not accepting a loss of power.

Carey says further changes are coming, with some developments as soon as 2019.

"One of our priorities, and we are going to do more in the fall, is really an untold story in F1," he said in a recent conference call.

"It's the strides that we've made to date in terms of sustainability.

"The hybrid engine that was launched a few years ago was an incredible step forward in terms of fuel efficiency, while retaining power. And we are working aggressively on things like synthetic fuels, working with the oil industry as a whole on synthetic fuels, bio fuels, hydrogen fuels.

"And I think you'll see between now and year end the sustainability issue becoming much more front and centre.

Carey reckons it is important that motosports recognise the true importance of the environmental impact of the competition.

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"And I think it's an honest recognition that the environmental issue is important to everybody, and a big part of making strides forward in that is how do you reduce carbon emissions from the combustion engine? That can be as important as anything out there,” he suggested.

"We'll also have other initiatives in terms of environmental steps around our live events. So it's a multi-dimensional story.

"But I think the part that we are putting particular energy into is the degree to which will reduce and the targets will have for reducing carbon emissions with the combustion engine, and I think that has more upside for us than anything."


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Sun 05 Jul

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